SA Biodiesel (Pty) Ltd

Feasibility studies and business plans for Agricultural development projects

Over a number of years, various business plans were developed under leadership and with the direct involvement of the SA Biodiesel (Pty) Ltd partners. Examples are a 2 000 ha citrus project and a 2 000 ha maize, soy and cattle project for Mozambique, a sunflower and biodiesel project for Botswana and a maize, soy and animal production project for Zambia.

Many years of experience in planning optimized machinery packages and irrigation systems for commercial farms form the backbone of our business plans for commercial farming enterprises. Apart from commercial farming enterprises, we also have experience in planning vertically integrated agricultural and agri-business projects, for instance: integrating grain farming with feed production, biodiesel production, cattle feedlot, broiler production, pig production, fish production, organic fertilizer and finally abattoir and meat packaging. We have sufficient numbers of contacts in all the required fields of expertise to enable us to call in additional experts when required.

SA Biodiesel (Pty) Ltd developed a business plan for an Integrated Agricultural and Agri-Business Development Project to the value of R 5 000 million for a client to be implemented in the Eastern Cape. This project was scheduled to be implementation under the technical leadership of SA Biodiesel (Pty) Ltd.

Following on this SA Biodiesel (Pty) Ltd was appointed to do a pre-feasibility study for the Gert Sibande District Municipality for the implementation of a biodiesel industry. This study included the full-integrated value chain from the production of the grain as feed stock to the production of meat from the oilcake produced as by-product from the oil expelling. The main aim in this study was to create jobs, alleviate poverty and to create opportunities for unproductive land reformed farms. The total proposed development plan amounted to an investment of about R1 750 million.

Socio economic development model

Socio Economic Development Model