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Engineering for Agriculture

Irrigation Mechanisation Infrastructure

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Services are provided where required together with a network of multi-disciplinary experts and collaborating companies, working together to provide specialist services for the planning, design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, mechanisation and farm infrastructure required for sustainable agricultural development.

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SA Biodiesel (Pty) Ltd focuses primary on the engineering planning, design and supervision of agricultural developments, which are done by professional registered engineers with many years of experience in the field of agricultural engineering including irrigation, soil conservation, hydrology, mechanisation, renewable energy and farm structures. The irrigation designs are done by Adriaan Louw (Pr. Eng.) with experience in irrigation designs, management and research. The services of associated multi-disciplinary agricultural professionals are available.


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G.C. Meganies CC focus on irrigation and agricultural mechanisation services regarding construction, installation, maintenance and repairs. Gert van Vuuren of GC Meganies has farming and rural development experience in rural development projects and large commercial dairy, grain and vegetable production farms as farm and workshop manager as well as irrigation and mechanisation service provider.

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Faktor2 focus on soil surveys for agricultural development and fertiliser recommendations which are done by soil scientists Dr. Gawie du Toit, (Pr. Sci. Nat.) and dr. Hendrik Smith (Pr. Sci. Nat.).

Irrigation system design and installations

The planning and design, of irrigation systems are done by SA Biodiesel according to required standards and in such a way to reduce energy use to a minimum, while adhering to crop water and management requirements.

A full consulting service can be provided which includes compiling of a design report with bill of quantities, construction scheduling and costs, tender documents as well as feasibility studies. Project management services can be provided where necessary with larger schemes.

Existing systems can be evaluated in order to identify possibilities to increase efficiencies and to reduce energy consumption.

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Maintenance, installations and construction of irrigation systems and pump stations are done by GC Meganies, who is also an approved erector of centre pivot systems and a distributor of Talbert centre pivots. Modifications and rebuilding of second-hand centre pivots are also done where it is economical viable. Where required pipe fittings are manufactured according to specific requirements including rafts for pumps and special screens.

Ramp Building Pipe Pivoit Pipeline

Hydrology and water resource planning and development

Hydrological planning for irrigation dams and schemes can be done by SA Biodiesel and includes the analysis of the annual expected water availability, required water storage, variable water allocations, irrigated crop water requirements, management practices, economic viability and risks. Possible floods, expected potential runoff and the potential water yields from catchments and dams can be determined.

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Planning design and construction of farm dams

Design farm dams and provide engineering support regarding supervision for the rehabilitation of damaged dams and the construction of new dams.

Dam built Building dam

Agricultural mechanisation

SA Biodiesel does the planning of farm mechanisation requirements and systems for grains, vegetables, sugar cane, and fruit production.

Structures and infrastructure

SA Biodiesel does the planning and structural design of farm infrastructure, buildings and structures while GC Meganies can do the construction of agricultural related structures, maintenance and repairs of pack house equipment and infrastructure.

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Renewable energy

Solar Energy

Assessment, evaluation and planning of solar energy use potential for households and commercial buildings in collaboration with Astra Sun who does the supply and installation of solar (photovoltaic) systems.

Astra Sun: Website: email: tell. 082 766 1842, Pretoria.
Solar panels


SA Biodiesel has an in-depth knowledge of biodiesel manufacturing and have access to an internationally patented catalyst to reduce production cost.

Soil surveys and fertiliser recommendations

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Soil surveys for agricultural development and fertiliser recommendations are done by soil scientists Dr. Gawie du Toit, (Pr. Sci. Nat.) and dr. Hendrik Smith (Pr. Sci. Nat.) from Faktor2.

Recommendations are independent and not influenced by any specific supplier of fertilisers and are based on many years of research which is continuously updated with infield trials to optimise production and production input costs. Currently advisers for the fertilisation of more than 20 000 ha crop production.

Independent soil analysis is done at Nviro Tek Laboratories an internationally certified soil laboratory.

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Ground analysis Ground analysis Ground analysis

Feasibility studies and project management

Agricultural experience and community development projects

Irrigation and infrastructure development are done specifically designed for rural communities including hands-on training.

In any community development project, it is important to meet the expectations of the community. These expectations may include household food security which needs to be taken into consideration when developing an agricultural project to ensure acceptance and sustainability of a project.